Re-capture the value

Maximize asset recovery and supply chain efficiencies

Gain scale & agility in your reverse supply chain

We get it - sometimes it comes down to “Buy or Build”.  If you’re going to setup up, operate, and innovate a top-notch reverse logistics pipeline it takes skill, knowledge, and capital investments. 

That’s exactly what we bring to the table at Reverse Solutions.  Our senior management has collectively over 150 years of helping companies implement reverse logistics solutions, and we’ve already made the investments in people, technology, and processes.  By partnering with us, you gain instant scale and agility in your reverse supply chain.  Here are a few of the most common types of programs we help implement for our customers.

  • Returns Management Including:
    • Brick and Mortar Returns
    • E-Commerce and Online Sales Returns
  • Product Recalls
  • OS&D
  • Product Resets
  • Sort & Save

Turn product quickly and efficiently

Time is money. For that simple reason we ensure that our customers returned product is swiftly moved off retail shelves and warehouses, transported to one of our regional facilities, and triaged with lightning speed.  Here are just a few of the benefits and efficiencies you’ll enjoy with the Reverse Solutions Reverse Logistics Program.

  • Maximize floor, warehouse, and shelf space
  • Accurately audit return reason and rationale
  • A National footprint of State of the Art facilities
  • A best-of-breed technology infrastructure
  • Highly trained and motivated return teams
  • Efficiently manage final dispositions

Create better customer experiences

In today’s fast moving world product life-cycles are rapidly compressing and customers are looking for the “next best thing” -which means last quarter’s "best thing” needs to be returned so higher profits can be achieved. With a reverse logistics implementation from Reverse Solutions you’ll ensure a better experience for your customers by:

  • Improving compliance with service level agreements
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reducing friction in the returns process
  • Better understanding and managing product life-cycles
  • Clearing out less profitable inventory, and replacing it with more profitable inventory

Gain a holistic view of your product life-cycles

Getting new products to market is hard work - everyone’s excited to fill the shelves with new product and the forward logistics pipeline is tightly managed and graded, but then the inevitable happens.  Product is damage, returned by customers, or has reached it’s end of life and must be returned.  Not so exciting anymore!  The reverse supply chain is just as important as the forward chain, but in many cases there is  far less visibility and accountability leading  to lost revenue and resources - until now.  With Reverse Solutions, transparency is our number 1 goal.  You’ll see item by item, minute by minute, where your products, and revenue are as they start their journey home.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Product Scanning and Reporting
  • Customized Solutions
  • State-of-the-Art Tracking Technology

See and manage the complete chain of custody

Chain of custody usually means "blind spots".  But those days are gone.  With our technology driven custom solutions, you get visibility end-to-end with actionable data at your fingertips

  • Reverse Management System (RMS)
  • Reverse Scanning System (RSS)
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • Custom Integrations

Better data, means better decisions

There's an old saying about 'more data leading to better solutions' but we've found that better decisions require better data, not just more.  Our focus on technology-driven solutions gives you both. 

  • 24/7 Access to Inventory and Sales Data
  • Most Recent Scanning Data
  • Cloud-based Access From Anywhere in the World

Increase Revenue & Reduce Infrastructure Expense

Our integration team's consultative approach will help you get the highest possible return on your recovery needs and reduce your expenses.

  • Dedicated team for your business
  • Sales, operations and technology leads
  • Liquidation, Asset recovery and Refurbishment solutions

Protect & Increase Brand Value

Where and how your products are sold have huge impact on the perception of your brand in the marketplace.  Recalls can cause massive brand damage as well.  Our team can build strategies to mitigate brand-perception risks and focus on increasing value. 

  • Recall Management
  • OS&D Management
  • Sort & Save Programs
  • Repair & Refurbishment Programs

Meet sustainability & compliance objectives

Maintaining healthy ecosystems and healthy environments aren't business decisions, they're human decisions.

We are dedicated to community and corporate sustainability and embrace innovation in reverse logistics such as "Reclamation to Recycling".   We are taking advantage of the opportunities we have to make a huge positive impact through reverse logistics processes.

Let us provide environmentally responsible solutions for your reverse logistics challenges.

  • Reverse Recycling Division
  • Green Business Bureau Member