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Reverse Management System

Reverse Solutions has worked closely with major motor carriers to develop our Reverse Management System (RMS) covering liquidation, transportation, salvage, OS&D and sort & save programs.  The RMS lets you accurately track, warehouse, return, and sell freight. Some highlights of our system include:

  • Entering of detailed information including carrier information, trailer/tractor number, PRO number, item description, item condition, manufacturer ID, serial number/UPC, category, lot number, and date received.
  • Ability to upload and link photographs for each item.
  • Freight is tracked within the system by PRO number, vendor control number, manufacturer ID, and UPC and can be retrieved using a multitude of search options.
  • See your data in real-time, export it to your system, or work with our team to develop custom integration and reporting.

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Reverse Scanning System

Our Reverse Scanning System (RSS) technology gives retail clients a comprehensive solution for reclamation programs that is unmatched in the industry.  And with the RSS, you don't have to be a computer science major to use and understand it - you can scan in-store on laptops, scan guns or using our app on your smart phone.

  • Accurately track returns by SKU/UPC.
  • Comprehensive analysis of products returned.
  • Package condition reporting.
  • Controlled disposition of returned product.